Size chart

35 (22.2 cm)

37 (23.8 cm)

39 (25 cm )

41 (26.2 cm)

43 (27.5 cm)

45 (29.3 cm)

36 (23 cm)

38 (24,5 cm)

40 (25.8 cm)

42 (26.5 cm)

44 (28.5 cm)

Heel and Toe shoes

It is important that you measure the foot length before ordering. The Heel an Toe model is made so that it can also fit wide feet with a higher ankle. For that reason many need up to a size smaller than usual. The sizes are given along with the length in cm

How do you measure your foot length?

Place your foot barefoot on a sheet of paper and circle around the foot. Then measure the length from the tip of the big toe to the heel.

The shoes are unlined and they adapt to the foot during use. It is therefore important that they are not too loose when you try them on.

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