Heel and Toe British Racing Green

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Heel and Toe driving shoes in British Racing Green design

Heel and Toe driving shoes British Racing Green edition

Our Heel and Toe shoes are based on an updated version of the famous Aurland shoe. It looks elegant and classic.
The leather used in our Heel and Toe shoes has a thickness of 2.2 mm – 2.4 mm. This is very solid and strong, and can hardly be found in any other type of shoe today. A consequence of this is that the shoe requires some time to wear in, but after a short time of use, the supple leather will shape itself to the foot, and the shoe will feel soft and comfortable to wear. Since the leather will shape to the foot, the shoe should be a little tight as new to achieve the best fit.

The leather is made from cattle that have been grazed in Europe, and is tanned at Sepici, Europe’s best tannery. The choice of material means that the shoe is both robust and durable and is in accordance with Aurlandsskoen’s proud tradition. We have chosen a rubber sole for better grip, it is attached to the shoe with a two-component glue through a professional process.

The Aurland shoe has been produced since the 1930s. At the time, there were 19 different shoe factories in operation in Aurland and 100 people employed in the shoemaking profession. Today, Aurland Skofabrikk in Western Norway is the only shoe factory that produces the well-known and characteristic Aurland shoe, popularly called «the original penny loafer».

The shoes are made in Aurland, deep in the Sognefjord with a lot of good needlework at Aurlandsskoen’s small shoe factory. The factory was established in 1939 by Inga and Andreas Wangen, and run by the Wangen family for three generations. In 2008, the current owner took over the operation and development of Aurland Skofabrikk


ATTENTION:  Our shoes are handmade to order an the lead time for your purchase will be 3 weeks.


Size Chart


35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45


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